Risport Dance Boot




  • All component lab tested lightweight materials
  • 100% natural leather uppers
  • Classic padded cuff profile features an upturned lining on the upper along with increased padding that guarantees very ligh levels of comfort. The collar of synthetic material enables a further increase in foot extension.
  • Softer lacing zone around the eyes
  • Special reinforcements tested in the lab to ensure consistent performance with any degree of bending of the boot
  • Anatomical profile in the upper and padding has a pre-formed shape that comfortably wraps around the ankle area and provides the necessary foothold.
  • Microfiber with aloe treatment lining ensures the highest level of performance due to its properties which increase the sensitivity of the foot, skate control and foot support. Special aloe treatment also confers antibacterial properties.
  • Double layer leather sole with an insert of ultra lightweight thermoplastic material to reduce weight.
  • Angled sole that allows skaters to achieve very high lateral inclinations.
  • Airflow system designed with internal aeration technologies to reduce sweat and moisture.
  • Available in black, white and beige.
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