Paramount 440SS – Gold Seal Profile



Top level Freestyle Blade 440 Stainless Steel blade 60 RC

Made from the strongest form of steel – this material is used by surgeons when performing operations. Our 440SS steel runner is resistant to chips and knicks as well as maintains an edge longer than any other blade on the market. These blades require only a few sharpenings per year for those active skaters. The rocker integrity lasts longer due to the fact it requires fewer sharpenings.

Top level skaters are encouraged to purchase this blade since it helps with consistency. The reasoning behind this claim is that since the rocker maintains its integrity for a longer period of time, the skater has a more consistent surface to train on and thus master elements. This is very different from a blade that requires sharpening every few weeks — where the rocker radii is constantly changing and the skater is forced to adapt every few weeks to a slightly “new” feel.

8 ft. Rocker Radius, 4mm thick, Aggressive Toepick (Perfect for those working on doubles, triples and quads. Testing or competing Novice, Junior, or Senior Freestyle)

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