EDEA “NOENE” Anti-Shock UnderSoles



EDEA “NOENE” Anti-Shock Technology UnderSoles
EDEA presents the world’s first Shock Absorbing UnderSole for Skaters (both Ice and Roller) since 2011 – and All other foot impact sports!

EDEA “NOENE” Anti-Shock UnderSoles  (NOENE is a Swiss Technology) 

Reduces the IMPACT Shock of landing by its Viscoelastic properties

The IMPACT is Absorbed, Diffused, and Dispersed by 43% (for one layer, 63% for 2 layers)

The IMPACT from Landing Jumps is 7 to 8 times your body weight

Only 1mm Thin Ultra-Light 13 grams (for size 280, mens 9) 

Reduces workout Fatigue, so you can train harder and longer

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